9 Tips for Creating the Perfect Resume

Nowadays companies are relying on software to scan through resumes and unfortunately a lot of qualified candidates get overlooked because of key components not being in the right places or not being included at all. Creating the perfect resume isn’t just listing all of the jobs you have had. For starters, it should also list your accomplishments, mirror the language listed in the job posting in which you are applying for, and use a clean and professional format. In this post, you will learn how to make your resume standout to the software robots and humans and help you land your dream job.

Here are 9 Tips for Creating the Perfect Resume.

When adding your email address, use your name or some variations, not a nickname. A Gmail account looks more current than one from AOL or Yahoo.

Don’t use a headshot, save that picture for Linkedin

Highlight, briefly, your professional identity and top attributes. Do not refer to yourself in the third person.

List up to 10 skills relevant to your industry and job. No need to list the ones that are universally expected, like Microsoft Word and Outlook.

When you get to the experience section, use Experience instead of Work Experience. This will give you an opportunity to list any volunteer work that you have done.

Temp opportunities can bridge an employment gap. If you are doing higher-level work, you should list your title as consultant.

You should always include dates. If you are not using dates in the hopes that it will disguise your age, you can raise red flags with recruiters. Also, dates help a recruiter see if you were at a company during an important time or when a mutual connection was there.

Start bullet points with action verbs. Focus on successes. List accomplishments that can be quantifiable, such as how much money you saved.

Remember every word counts so try to avoid the obvious.

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